Save Your Hard Earned Dollars

Save Your Hard Earned Dollars

Benefits Of Water Filtration In Perth

Save Your Money

There are so many benefits to investing in home filtration systems. Especially a whole house filtration system.

The ultimate solution for the home is to use our whole house 3 stage filtering technique to soften and remove even the finest of dirt, sediments and chemicals. In some cases a water softener may also be the best method to filter and soften your water.

By treating the water just after your water meter it ensures the water is treated to every water outlet and appliance in your home.

The money that you can save in the short and long term without even discussing the added health benefits far out ways the cost of the supply and installation of the equipment

Heres some examples-

We love our clients and they love our work. Our team is very experienced in both residential and commercial projects.

Benfit of water filtration in dish washer
dishwashers and washing

You’ll Increase the longevity of your clothes washing machine and dishwasher as they wont be warn down by all the impurities in the water. You will also notice that due to removing the chlorine in the water your clothes will last longer and wont fade in colour.

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Hot water system in Perth
hot water system

You’ll Increase the longevity of your hot water system. Replacing hot water systems is not a cheap exercise and if you can get an extra 5 -7 years out of your system this alone is worth it! We often disconnect storage hot water systems as one example and find that the cylinder of the unit is completely full with calcium/scale build up!

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Benefit of hot and cold water pipework
Hot and cold water pipework

Hot and cold water pipework and fittings in your home will last longer and wont breakdown or deteriorate. All to often we see homes with pipework that is caked with calcium build up and even rust. It can be a costly exercise repairing pipework. If the root cause of the pipework deterioration is removed then your less likely to have further issues the quicker you get onto it!

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Benefit of water filtration cloths in perth
chlorine deteriorates clothes

Your clothes will last longer and feel softer. The chlorine deteriorates clothes quicker than you think. Some clients notice a difference with darker colours not losing the colour as quickly. Once again our chlorine friend can be thanked for this! Hence why we filter it out!

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Benefit of water filtration to save plastic
Bottled water

Bottled water!! This is a big one. How many plastic bottles does your family go through! The cost and the effect the plastic has on the environment is huge. If every family could ban using plastic bottled water from the shop can you imagine not only the cost savings but the positive effect this would have on the environment.

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Water Filtration benefit for cleaning products
Cleaning products

Cleaning products!! This is a good one. Are you constantly buying the newest and greatest chemical on the shelf to try your luck with the calcium build up.Are you exposing your family to dangerous chemicals consistently as you are forever trying to clean those shower screens/ shower recesses from the calcium residue! Its like someone sneaks in at night with a brush when things dry out leaving a white substance on everything. Do you mop the floors on darker surfaces and notice a white residue after you mop!!

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benefit of water  filtration for fixtures and tapware
Fixtures and Tapware

Fixtures and Tapware. Another example where all too often we get a called to replace taps and fixtures in a home or business. If there was water filtration in place then there is no doubt in some cases that water filtration would have at least doubled the lifespan of the particular tap/fixture.

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